Certified Businesses


Loraine Overall, owner of Béco eco boutique, receives Green Business Certification


Antidote Superalimentation's owner Élise Bellerose and her team receive their Green Business Certification

Antidote Superalimentation

Owner Chaim Shoham and Manager David Adams at the Green Panther receiving their Green Business certificate at the Grand Opening of their 3rd restaurant.

Green Business Certification

'O' Way Coiffure Spa's owner Patricia Soussana and her team receive
Green Business Certification.

Green Business Certification

Marie-Guy Maynard of Traductions MGM receives Green Business Certification

Green Business Certification

Coop la Maison Verte in NDG, Quebec receives their Green Business Certification

Green Business Certification

IGBC's Philippa Settels is interviewed by "Mon Plan Marketing Vert" (in french only): Read Here

The SWRC is now Green Business Certified

Green Business Certification

Baleco Ecosolutions team becomes Green Business Certified

Green Business Certification

"Interested in becoming Green Certified? Well I have done it and having my business certified by the Institute for Green Business Certification is one of the most long term commitments we have ever taken. Not only is it beneficial for the business, but it solidified our business vision and gave the employees a great sense of belonging. The impact of this process is without a doubt very good and so satisfying, environmentally speaking. The impact is so much more than just for the business, it influences us in our lives, in general. At home with the family, we have also become more aware of our footprint and we have now more tools to help us become ''Greener''. Running a business today is challenging in all aspects from sales to finances to human resources, thus when we have a chance to do something Greater, it is a wonderful feeling. The businesses of tomorrow will have to be more socially and environmentally inclined for success in the long run as well."

- Anie Rouleau, Founder & CEO, Baleco Ecosolutions

Michael P. Kutchuk, owner of Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal, accepts Green Business Certification (photo courtesy of Donald Pinkerton)

Green Business Certification

"Eight years ago I purchased a neighborhood dry-cleaner in NDG, knowing full well that the use of the traditional solvent used in dry-cleaning, known as PERC, was not only bad for the environment but for my employees' health as well. That is when I decided to go green four years ago and we became the first 100% ecological dry-cleaner in the entire Province of Quebec.

Despite recycling hangers and using biodegradable packaging, I knew that more could be done. That is when the Institute of Green Business Certification stepped in. Their representative, Philippa Settels, guided us through the many recommendations and easy, possible ways to attain a lighter environmental footprint. Thanks to IGBC, my business is now greener then ever and has been recognized as Green Business Certified."

- Michael P. Kutchuk, President-Owner, Nettoyeur Ecologique Royal

Margita Heggie's La Maison Verte becomes Green Business Certified

Green Business Certification

RLA EcoDry Cleaning Services' owners Trevor and Rebecca Aubie receive Green Business Certification

Green Business Certification